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MEETING over pizza, the recently announced Opotiki College student leaders for 2015 include (left to right) Paulie Tai (deputy head boy), Tangiwai Tai-Takiari (deputy head girl) Indiana Carder-Dodd (arts), Tsian Heurea Kiel (cultural), Gabriella Costa (academic), Caitlin Papuni-McLellan (head girl), Tipene McPherson (head boy), Johnny Pene (culture), Kamryn Harrison (sports), Rhiannon Donkin (head of student council), Chavazz Collins (arts), Keegan Mio (arts) and Frank Ross (academic).
Photo by Tarere Thatcher OB1044

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Students plan for future

LIFTING academic achievement, bonding the student body and creating a strong leadership culture are just some of the aspirations of Opotiki College student leaders this year.

Tipene McPherson and Caitlin Papuni-McLellan were appointed head boy and head girl during a school assembly on Monday. They are supported by a group of 11 other senior student leaders, chosen for various roles.

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