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 Lifejacket rule sinks raft race

A COMPULSORY lifejacket rule is being blamed for a poor turnout in this year’s Opotiki raft race. Photo Louis Klaassen D4794-062

Thursday, January 17, 2017

COMPULSORY lifejackets are believed to have caused a huge drop in the registrations for this year’s raft race.

While last year’s Opotiki New World Raft Race had extra pulling help from the Chiefs rugby team to put more than 20 rafts in the water, in past years at least a dozen rafts have taken part.

This year, for the first time, lifejackets were compulsory and only four rafts entered.Opotiki District Council events co-ordinator Joseph Hayes said this was the lowest number of teams to ever take part in the raft race.

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